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Carslake Property

Offering HMO Landlords a hassle & effort free option with guaranteed rent.


We cosmetically transform HMO's and give landlords guaranteed rent, freedom from tenant management and total peace of mind.



Carslake Property becomes your tenant, with a guaranteed rent every month with NO voids. We will strictly select & house working professionals inc. NHS staff to stay in your property. We will manage the tenants & maintain and care for the property throughout the lease period.  Fixed passive income paid on time every month guaranteed! 

The property will be given back to you in the same condition if not better at the end of the management contract.



We will transform your home with a free light refurbishment by our team and furnish it attractively o we can find good tenants for you. You’ll get more value from your property and feel good knowing it’ll be returned to you in great condition. We will have fortnightly cleaners taking care of the communal areas. We take care of all the utility bills incl. council tax. 

. Maintenance will be done via your agent and the maintenance team that you already have in place.

This allows us to fully dedicate our time and efforts solely into sourcing the best suited tenants and allows the letting agent or landlord to utilise their established contacts and knowledge in dealing with the day to day maintenance



We believe in Trust and communication, this is key to building Long term relationships with agents.  We aim to view the property as soon as possible, this allows you to let your properties faster and keep your landlords happy. 

​We aim to provide an offer to you within 24hrs of viewing the property, we believe our offers are      Competitive, however in some cases if the offer is below market value, we have calculated the figures and we ensure it is still profitable for the landlord, on a long term basis.

The estate agent is in charge of the maintenance of the property and invoices the landlord for any maintenance required.

We are a Professional HMO Management Service providing GUARANTEED RENT to landlords and homeowners, specialising in houses of multiple occupation (HMO's).

We look to provide landlords with more freedom with their investment, to create peace of mind by managing your property on a daily basis and creating truly passive income for you, the landlord.

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