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What type of property do you manage?

4 to 8 bed HMO's with a up to date HMO License, this property can be ready to let out, or be needing a little refurb, we can pay for your HMO Licence if you are not compliant, contact us to. discuss

How will you pay me?

We will set up a standing order for the agreed monthly rental price to your bank account, this will be paid on the same day every month for the duration of the contract.

Will my property suffer wear and tear?

Most landlords are put off by this alone, this is not true with us, at the end of the contract we will return your property to you in the same if not better condition.

Who deals with the tennants?

We do, the only person you have contact with is me, we manage all of our customers, phone calls and emails, viewings, meetings and any other tenant contact that is required

What happens when I have signed the contract?

The property will be solely managed by us, this allows you to have complete passive income, you can still inspect the property if you wish to do so, but if not then you don't have to see or visit the property again until the contract ends.

How quickly can you take management of my property?

We will arrange a viewing, we aim to place a fair offer within 24hrs, the price we agree to will be paid monthly for the duration of the contract, regardless of what happens to the market conditions, if the property is vacant we could be signing a contract within 48hrs.

What are your fees?

Zero - We operate differently to high street agents, we do not charge tenant finding fees, neither do we charge maintenance fees, we solely make profit from the difference between what the customer pays us, and the monthly payment we pay you.

How can I be sure my property won't get damaged?

We provide rooms to working professionals, and we inspect the property every 2 weeks to ensure the property is being cared for.

How do you resolve damages?

As we are responsible for tenants we cover the cost and charge the tenant for damages, you would only be responsible for landlord duties, maintenance, gas safety checks, ensuring the boiler system works etc, although letting agencies usually manage these checks. Roles and responsibilities will be clearly stated within our contract.

Does my property have to be furnished?

We take on fully furnished, part furnished and unfurnished properties, you may have previously rented to students, the furniture within the property may not be suitable to working professionals who require a higher quality of living, if that is the case we may ask you to remove the furniture, this would be reflected in the offer.

I have a portfolio of houses, would you be willing to manage more?

Yes considering they meet the criteria.

Who will pay for repairs?

The landlord is responsible for ongoing repairs, maintenance and safety checks, but the letting agency will manage it all for you, providing quotes for larger maintenance works, we are happy for you to use your own contacts for repairs if you wish to do so.

What if a tennant does not pay the rent on time? or not at all?

This is our problem and not yours, you still receive your agreed monthly payment each month regardless of whether a tenant pays or not.

The benefits for you are...


We will take care of any legal obligations and can help you to remain compliant with all current relevant legislation, ensuring everything is current and up to date. This includes furniture/fire regulations and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.


As the owner of the property you are responsible for building insurance, which usually includes contents insurance. A residential insurance will not be adequate and you will need to either a buy-to-let policy or specialist HMO policy. We have public liability insurance. We advise our customers to obtain their own contents insurance.

Gas Safe

We will organise a Gas Safe Inspection on your behalf and be at the property to meet the engineer. This test is a legal requirement to ensure all gas appliances in the property are safe. It must be renewed annually as there are serious penalties for not having a valid certificate, we keep a copy and send you the original.


Before we agree to manage your property, we require 2 x proof of ID and proof of ownership of the property.


Before we agree to manage your property you may decide to obtain an inventory from an independent company, or if you prefer we can arrange this for you.


We carry out regular inspections to ensure the property is well maintained. We have good relationships with our customers and quickly deal with any issues they may be experiencing.


We will pass on any maintenance issues to the landlord or letting agent. We believe the letting agents are experts in their field and have all the resources to promptly resolve maintenance issues. We can however offer to manage the property if the landlord wishes us to, providing stress-free passive income from the property.


Should you decide to terminate the agreement between us, we require a minimum of six months' notice, as we may have signed a six-month AST with a tenant. This way we can ensure we can return the property to you vacant. 

When the agreement comes to an end;

We'll hand you back your property in the same or better condition than it was before.

You'll even have the option to keep all the furniture, or extend our agreement.

Please get in touch and we will look forward to working with you & transforming your property to deliver you guaranteed returns.

  • You will get paid guaranteed rent every month for 3-5 years (12 month break clause)

  • We will provide updates on inspections and any maintenance required, this includes Gas safety checks.

  • No voids

  • No tenant issues

  • No missed rent

  • Just guaranteed rent every single month.

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